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In the Bargiraj Dynasty, Garhbeta was a small hamlet. As found in the history, this place became popular in the art an culture since 16th century. The river Silabati was a silent viewer of many ups and downs happened in Garbhbeta. There are many evidences that occurred in British Rule of oppression an its strong opposition from the people of Garhbeta. To take a frontier role in the development of the nation, the people of Garbheta established Garhbeta High School in 1888. It was a milestone on the way to spread education in the jangal area. he famous and well known leader in ‘Quit India’ movement Late Gobinda Kumar Singha envisaged to establish one higher educational institution at Garhbeta an he successfully did this noble work with the full support of the villagers as well as the Jamindar of this area.The auspicious day in which the ‘Rarah Bangla’ got the door to higher study was 13th August 1948. Garhbeta has a rich cultural heritage in its past.The bank of the holy river Silabati was the mother of many great sons like freedom fighter, educationist, big corporate owner etc.

Dr.Hariprasad Sarkar

Principal's Desk

The education has an important role in the advancement of human civilization. Empowering the poor and academically backward people of the Garhbeta and its adjoining areas were the sole aim and objectives for founding the Garhbeta College on 13th August 1948. Though the college faced different forms of obstacles like financial crunch, lack of permanent posts, poor communication etc. still the college is marching ahead with its sole objective of providing quality education irrespective of caste, creed, religion, financial and physical health status of the students.